5 Unconventional Careers for Graphic Designers

Graphic designers are only seen in an agency or a brand. Right? Not really!

Design is everywhere and in every industry there is a reason for design to lead. Design is the medium which helps to absorb information easily, or say it makes information digestible. If you are on a journey to find a career path in designing, this is the post for you.

In this post, I am going to briefly mention 5 offbeat career paths that you can take up as a designer:

1. Product Designer

All the products we see in the market are first visualized by  designers. Products are not directly created from just nowhere. In our venture, Kashmirica, when we sit on to create our stunning kurtas & kurtis, we first have to design the thing. Whether it be in 3D technology, or through a hand made design. It is important for us to visualize.

And the need for Product Designers is in every industry. Whether it be industrial design, fashion design, illustration design or any form of interactive design, you need designers to ideate the final outcome. Hence, the scope in this form of design is huge.

Career Paths for Graphic Designer

Image Courtesy: Designer Daily

2. Medical Illustrator

This is somewhat new. At least in India. Medical illustrators create graphic images for professionals to use. Professionals in this case are medics. The work includes anything, starting from creating illustrations and in some cases presentations. These visualizations are eventually used for teaching purposes and might also be of use at conferences. You might also be involved in designing Marketing Materials for hospitals and medical trusts.

Graphic Designers
Image courtesy: army.mil

3. Packaging Designer

Take any industry, you need to design the packages of the products. The only exception being any online or a software product though. The better your design is, the more is the likelihood of it being liked by the consumers. It is the work of graphic designers to create compelling designs that attract attention leading to more sales.

4. Industrial Designer

From the shoes we wear to the ceramic plates that we eat in, everything is designed by an industrial designer. Even the fabulous home decor items have been designed by skilled designers. Look at things around you, are you fascinated by them? Especially the fast cars? Yes the cars! Do you want to be designing them? Simply put, design is the career choice for you.

Career Paths for Graphic Designer
Image courtesy: NSIM

5. Craft & Fine Artist

I run a company, Kashmirica. It is an e-commerce platform in the fine arts and crafts space. We have tons of designs to consider. Traditionally all of them used t be handmade. I mean the design samples as well. That meant a lot of investment. Isn’t it a lot easier to do it on the computer? Even though it is time consuming, but don’t we save a lot of costly raw materials? Imagine, creating a pashmina shawl for mere design analysis? That’s a lot of money. Therefore, we are shifting our design to computer graphics. That makes a lot more sense.

Over to You

Being a Digital Marketing Consultant, I have majorly worked with designers who create Marketing Materials, but I have seen a lot of designers in the industry. Sometimes, I get fascinated by their work, sometimes I don’t. So, just being in a professional doesn’t make you super wow. You have to get going by studying and working hard to improve your skill. That’s when you can taste real success.

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