Family + Cut & Paste – A Unique blend!

Jurham Bin Ishtiaq
Hi, I am Jurham Bin Ishtiaq, 19.

Career is something which at times scares you a lot. After finishing my 10th exams, many questions arose my mind like what to do in life, as everyone else thinks.

I was not so good at mathematics, so I opted for biology subjects and started thinking about how our biological mechanism works. My mother is a teacher and best guide + mentor for me, so she helped me a lot like she used to as usual, to put my decisions in action. She asked me to focus on one particular thing and have a focused goal on life. “Whatever Allah has kept for you in store, that will come to you and that’s the best that could happen with anyone”. I personally like to help people voluntarily and love engage with my mom in her domestic work like cooking, washing, cleaning and everything without a bit of hesitation which usually in Kashmir daughters are supposed to do . I never set my standards and limitation. Although some girls are jealous of me.

Finally, I was suggested my mom to go for the medical training and become a doctor. After completion of my medical studies, I wish to establish an oncology hospital to lend every help top to the patients suffering from such disease. I don’t know  how successful I will be to fulfill my dream but I have a full trust in Almighty Allah and a support from parents is something which is ambiguous and can’t be explained. In Sha Allah by December 2018, I am hopefully joining my MBBS Classes.

I finished my exams in April 2018 and I just relaxed and spend some time with family and picnics etc. for around two months then my friends also left to join for different professional courses outside Kashmir. Since I have a passion and desire in Photography and I was looking for some photography course in Srinagar but unfortunately I found none here then browsing and searching I really couldn’t find any good professional institute to teach photography classes then one day my Aunt advised my mom to send me to Cut & Paste Skills Development Center. I thought with myself there are tons of skill development center in Srinagar who produce nothing and I straight away rejected an offer but I visited the website and did some R & D via website and YouTube, I was tempted with the content and I thought with myself that there’s nothing wrong to at least visit there. Finding good reviews of cut and paste really tempted me and finally I joined the center and it’s almost 14th  day today  I spend here and the journey so far has been really interesting.

I don’t interact much when I am at a new place, but the positive and interactive atmosphere that cut and paste provides is just fantastic, the very second day I came here I got involved in a conversation with a fellow student. It might be a small space at first glance but the amount of knowledge and skill I got here about Photoshop is. It fits perfectly in a quote “DON’T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER”.

And at the end of the day what matters is how much skill you have got and I believe cut and paste is the best at making, molding and sharping your skill to perfection.


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