Why should you learn Graphic Designing at Cut & Paste?

Hard to believe but true. Yes! there are less jobs in the market worldwide and if you are living in Kashmir then the scenario is completely different. When there are no major private sectors, how can you expect jobs? O ya, there are some government jobs but everybody is aware of the rules and opportunities – Not at all for everyone.

So what should youth of Kashmir do? Well, Some choose to go and pay and become a doctor while some pay to become an engineer, of course, those who can afford. They do get the titles but are they really worth? Do they really get dream jobs.. The answer is No, not everyone.

Skills matter more than certificates. Opportunities are there but you need an eye to explore. Graphic Designing is a skill which can entirely change your lifestyle and make you earn the great living from home.

Just have a look around you. Do you see any design? If not then let me tell you design is in everything whether your clothes which you are wearing, your laptop, website, the app on your mobile, table, chair … everything. Everything was designed first then created. Can you imagine the power of graphic designing now?

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