Success Stories of Cut & Paste – It all started with an Idea

Success Stories  – Numan Hayat, 18, from Srinagar is a student of Cut & Paste, enthusiastic about learning digital skills. Lets have few words from him.
How did you came to Cut & Paste to learn Graphic Design?

It all started with an idea of having a professional touch to my skill. Going through and through in search engines for some cost effective and affordable graphic designing course, I was almost disappointed and down looking at the charges of the course and that too outside Kashmir valley because I couldn’t find any proper center in Kashmir. To my good luck, I finally found Cut & Paste through Facebook.

Did you get support from your family to join C & P?

Yes! My family trust me more than 100% in whatever I do. Although they have no idea of this design thing but they have been very supportive, thanks to almighty.

How did you find Cut & Paste until now?

Its not about learning, I believe its more about understanding this visual communication. For me every second to spend in Cut & Paste is valuable. Spending 2 hours of practical session here puts an lifetime impact on my brain. Since I joined here, I find design in everything. My perspective has changed for what I always wanted to be and I go in a direction where I am supposed to be and I didn’t knew I have such a great skill inside.

What career opportunities you see after finishing the training?

Since every company is shifting towards online marketing, I feel tremendous scope in this field and theres a boom in Application designs, web banners and other creative elements like icons etc. I feel no hesitation in saying that I chose a right path. My inclination and interest is more towards vector art, So I intend to work more on illustrations.

How do you react when some people say you are wasting your time or criticize you?

My friends just don’t understand what I do.I explore myself with my potential and do not follow what masses do. If someone criticizes me I do respect their opinion but almost 99% of those people don’t have idea of graphic design. When I explain to them why I learn, they do or do not understand and sometimes even I get funny answers but its so sad and unfortunate that my other brothers and sisters in Kashmir are confused about their career and there are no proper career counselling sessions. I advise them if you have a bit of interest, come to Cut & Paste and have at least one free interactive session.

Thanks a lot

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