Quality brand with poor design


Promotion – How important is that for any business?

Design & Promotion plays a vital role in almost everything. Let’s say we have got some mind blowing stuff available in Kashmir that are even exported outside India like Honey, Saffron, Pashmina, fruits, Kashmiri Arts & Handicrafts and so the list goes on and on…. BUT!!

What’s degrading the products is a packaging design that is not at all catchy. Poor attention paid to design puts completely a reverse impression of the product. Graphic design plays a vital role in any sort of business. Remember! Design and Print are completely two different tasks.Usually people approach printing agencies to design our print graphics which absolutely is not a wise idea. A professional design is always created by a professional graphic designer.

Unfortunately what we get to see in kashmir is that businessmen are ready to pay more money but hardly pay any attention towards the graphics because of the lack of knowledge and the fact Kashmir is lagging behind in  number of professional designers. Cut & Paste(the only registered Centre in Kashmir entitled for  teaching Graphic Designing) started training courses the Year 2013. Since then it has been an unending journey which didn’t remained limited to training center only. Presently we have our own creative agency and the students who were trained are now a part of our team. In addition their own additional qualities turned out to be an asset to us.

If you are businessman having any set up and you are looking forward to promote your business in a sensible way through graphics,texts,videos and much more , Why not approach us.

We try to take care of all small to big needs – right from your business card to website to video promotion. Here’s one of our recent creative:

Video for Haya Wellness Center

Above video is a short promo video out of text written by our content writer. The video gives a message in 28 seconds and is shared by people via social networks and etc, thus promoting a brand.
You can find other services here:

Our Services

Same is the case with every other graphic work whether in the form of video or still. Apart from this, print graphics have its own role to play. This article can go longer and longer but since people run short of time, so cutting it short here with a hope that you understand the importance of graphics. Whether you are a student or a businessman we have something for everyone! If you are a student, this link may help you:

Students Section

Do contact us and for any query, please email help@cutandpaste.co.in

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