Shadows of Curfew

Morning with fade lights

Birds fly with hidden plights

Vehicles adorned with red lights

Announcing the curfew for Valleyites.

Wake up with sweat face

The nightmare I thought was the real pain

Streets with forces and barriers

Screams for the justice carriers

Ghosts with high heels

Feels like a threaten wheel

Sounds of horror what they make

Nobody knows what will be the next take

Shops and hopes shut their face

Feels again to face the barren race.

Weeping hearts and lifeless souls

Compels us to find some window holes

All of a sudden the vehicles appear

We don’t know where our sons disappear

Smashes and pushes we can here

Everybody looks here and there…

Mourn and grief envelops the valley

Pushing the birds from an alley

The situation made me to write again

That’s why I was born again

The person on his deathbed forgets his pain

Better was for him to die in vain

Thousands are missing, thousands are dead

Thousands in their graves yet to being fed

Waiting anxiously for their return

Mothers always keep their turn

None was there but a martyr

Whosoever should not scatter

Dreams and screams come and go.

I will write after a short while ago.

Call for justice was long ago.

Knock at the door is now really a fun.

Before my pen starts to run.

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