Sundas Fazili Reviews Cut & Paste

Thinking to learn Graphic Design? We at Cut & Paste offer high end, Graphic Designing and Video Production courses regularly. These courses are short term in nature and are recognized by the University of Kashmir. We have so far trained 100s of candidates who have gone ahead and give their passion of design a life.

We have a great team of trainers who have got practical knowledge of the industry and have worked in giants like Sony and JVC, making you learning of Graphic Design all the more comprehensive. Our institute is the first of it’s kind in the valley of Kashmir and we are better than all the courses in design both in terms of fee and delivery.

“Cut & Paste” targets to become a values-based organization. Our focus remains on evolving efficient, confident and highly skilled youngsters in Kashmir with global thinking and futuristic mind-set that will contribute to nation building with simultaneous faith in corporate ethics. Our Skill development center is dedicated to train an advanced level of Graphic Design and Visual Effects with an affiliation to Kashmir University and a US based Graphic Design Company called Priceless Digital Media.

Cut & Paste Skills Development Center

Our courses in are short and practical, affordable and straight to the point. We offer below mentioned short-term courses:

  1. Graphic Designing
  2.  Video Production

Empowering youth of Kashmir with modern skills and offering skill-based jobs is the main motto of our Skills Development Center located in Srinagar, Kashmir, India. Our students have already proven their metal and are working not only in India but abroad as well.


Skills matter more than certificates. Our dedicated training center for Graphic Designing and Video Production has been a great success since 2013. 99% of our certified professionals who learnt graphic design are self-reliant and working not only in India but abroad as well. If you intend to join Cut & Paste, certainly there must be some questions in your mind.

We will try to cover most of the basic queries below and in case you don’t find a relevant question and answer, please email us at

What actually is Graphic Design?

The design is everywhere, anything you see around was designed first. Some examples are User Interface Design, Logo Design, Newsletter, Magazine, Website etc.

Why should I learn Graphic Design?

If you want to make a career in design, it is needless to say that you have to learn graphic design.

If you want to make some money online, you can use your graphic designing and video making skills to give you the power to take freelance projects from websites like fiverr, upwork etc

If you are just passionate about art and design, you will really enjoy giving your skills a digital life.

What is the duration of the course?

Our courses are short and to the point. 100% practical sessions. Duration is almost 2 hrs/ day for a maximum of 3 months. Timings are flexible and one can even complete the course early as well. However, when it comes to learning, to learn graphic design may take different ways of delivery for different people. That is why we do not make it boring. To make you learn graphic design, each candidate is dealt with differently.

Is the certificate valid?

Our center is affiliated to the University of Kashmir, Department of DLL. We are the associates of US based Graphic Design Company called Priceless Digital Media. Company soon will offer internships followed by hiring, that too from your home place.

Admission process at CUT & PASTE

Admission are open to candidates at any time of the year, please fill online the simple admission form with a one click.
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Why is Cut & Paste the Best Institute to Learn Graphic Design?

Review by sundas fazili #1

All I would say is that Cut & Paste Skills Development  Center is more of an opportunity and the people out there who are interested in any kind of designing and artworks of computers, come and be a part of this skill development center, create a future of your own filled with fame, contentment and success – And, make History!

Check out her video review here :


(Sundas Fazili, Graphics Designing student)

review by sameer bhat #2

Cut & Paste has empowered me with the skills unmatched like any other in Kashmir. learning Graphic Designing at C & P was something miraculous. Of course one needs to learn and practice with the concentration and hard work.

Read Sameers story here:

Sameer Bhat

(Sameer was offered a dream job in UAE and worked there for almost two years, presently he has a number of opportunities in India only and works as a freelancer. He has made his existence in dribble as well)

review by nowsheen mushtaq #3

I feel privileged to have spent some time at such a respected and friendly institution. The Cut & Paste institute gave me the opportunities of life experiences which I can never forget.. This institute offers unmatched student support and extraordinary breadth in what and how you are given an opportunity to learn and skill development. The institute has changed my view, how I see the World! Stimulating the abilities to explore a wide range of interests. The institute gives student so much freedom to follow their interests as well as to develop new ones. A big and formidable institution, but one that makes everyone in it feels like a family. My learning has been incredibly enjoyable because of its social atmosphere. The high-quality teaching and laid back atmosphere are second to none. A great place that values individuality supports you in every aspect. You learn to be independent, thoughtful, friendly and hardworking a the institute. It’s Amazing! You really feel you could go anywhere and do anything. A fun and inclusive place to develop yourself. The staff is very supportive and helpful. Absolutely – loved my time here. This is a wonderful place. I would recommend it in a heartbeat, 10/10 and for those who hesitate in speaking confidently; I recommend them to break the shackles and bring a change in yourself & live a confident one by joining Cut & Paste.

(Nawsheen Mushtaq)


Don’t shy away from learning Graphic Design at Cut & Paste. Such opportunities don’t knock your door twice.