I would recommend it in a heartbeat, 10/10

I feel privileged to have spent some time at such a respected and friendly institution. The Cut & Paste institute gave me the opportunities of a lifetime experiences which I can never forget.. This institute offers unmatched student support and extra ordinary breadth in what and how you are given an opportunity to learn and skill development. The institute has changed my view, how I see the World! Stimulating the abilities to explore a wide range of interests. The institute gives student so much freedom to follow their interests as well as to develop new ones. A big and formidable institution, but one that makes everyone in it feel like a family. My learning has been incredibly enjoyable because of its social atmosphere. The high quality teaching and laid back atmosphere are second to none. A great place that values individuality supports you in every aspect. You learn to be independent, thoughtful , friendly and hardworking a the institute. It’s Amazing! You really feel you could go anywhere and do anything. A fun and inclusive place to develop yourself. The staff is very supportive and helpful. Absolutely – loved my time here. This is a wonderful place. I would recommend it in a heartbeat, 10/10 and for those who hesitate in speaking confidently; I recommend them to break the shackles and bring a change in yourself & live a confident one by joining Cut & Paste



Create a future of your own filled with fame, contentment and success

All I would say is that Cut & Paste Skills Development  Center is more of an opportunity and the people out there who are interested in any kind of designing and artworks of computers, come and be a part of this skill development center, create a future of your own filled with fame, contentment and success – And, make History!

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Empowered me with the skills unmatched!

Cut & Paste has empowered me with the skills unmatched like any other in Kashmir. That’s why a short duration course in Graphic Designing explored my hidden potential and presently I am in UAE proving successfully my metal – Alhamdulillah





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