Is your winter vacation productive?

winter vacation – make it productive?

Winter is already in, lets talk about the importance of skill.

winter in kashmir
Winter vacation

 Behind The Beauty Of The Moon Is The Moon Maker– Rumi

Skill plays a very important role in life, no matter how old you are. Early the better you understand this fact of life, especially our younger generation in Kashmir. Now we are already in peak winters and vacations are ON. None of us want to waste precious time of our children. Apart from academics, why not send them for professional training and give them a skill which lasts life long.

Being able to meet the challenges of life, having a proper skill set is very important. Times have changed, job market is saturated all over the world. Almost everything has gone digital and its like a touch and play life. keyboards take you everywhere through your gadgets whether its an online shopping or booking a ticket. All this doesn’t happen by chance, there are skilled people behind the beautiful graphics displayed on your screens who continuously work on concept, development, design, application, market research etc and after successful tests, we finally get the product in hand.

Now lets talk about Kashmir, how much we invest and  take interest in learning skills professionally. I am sure most of us know the answer, we focus on 12th Class exams then entrance tests.

OK, have you ever tried doing something which you are not proficient with? If yes then you can imagine how stressful its outcome is. If you perform tasks unskillfully, you will feel drained, stressful and generally overwhelmed. So its very important that whatever you do, do it with excellency.

Of course there are unlimited number of skills but here, we talk about Graphic Design. Every business needs a design for any promotional stuff and graphic designer is always in demand. Its client base is huge and its easier to start career as a graphic designer. A graphic Designer has a potential to start his own studio apart from working as a freelancer. its easy to get into if you have learnt Adobe programs at a professional level then after its all about creativity, hard work and self growth.

Coming back to the point of making your winter vacations productive, why not learn this skill at Cut & Paste So far we have produced number of professional graphic designers who are on the internal platforms like behance, dribbble and upwork. Check out few reviews here:

You can be one of them this winter, give it a thought and think out of box.

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