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  • Graphic Designers earn an average salary of ₹300,145 as per PayScale.
  • Graphic Designers get some of the most Work From Home & Oppourtunities.
  • From Communication Design to UI/UX Design & Creative Marketing, all such top-notch roles need you to be a Graphic Designer. 
  • There is no educational criteria to learn graphic design, all you need is commitment & the ability to read & write English. 

Graphic Design Modules

We offer one to one training sessions with flexible timings.

Enroll now and start learning. With our graphic design course, you will have a deep understanding of design at an advanced level. You will not need an internship to get started as you will have a great portfolio one you are done with the graphic design course at Cut & Paste.

Cut & Paste is the best graphic design institute in Srinagar, Kashmir which has been serving students since 2013. The institute has trained 100s of students from the Kashmir valley who went on to start their independent businesses or work in top-rated companies around India and the Middle-East.

Introduction to Graphic Design

Get familiar with the idea of concepts, ideas and thoughts that can help you communicate a direct and coherent message. 

Logo Design Process

Adobe Illustrator, world leading digital illustration application is your starting point. 

Photo Manipulation

Investigate the crucial component of working with pixels. Create what you imagine

Print Design

Getting your files print-ready is a critical part of any designer’s task. Don’t worry, we make it easy

Color Theory

Color theory is a science. Creating your own colour schemes from a scratch

Design Thinking

Gain insights about how to solve problems with design

Elements and Principles of Design

Know about composition, organic and geometric form, colour, craft usage to create visual impact.

Vector Graphics

 This lesson is sure to get you hooked. A bulletproof design technique.

Poster/Flyer Design

 The golden ratio, rule of thirds and principles of good design will be discussed & applied.


About 70% of all designs consist of typography – the art of using type in your design. 

Design Foundations

Foundations that address design from both a broad and detailed perspective

Product Design

How to design effectively make product designs.

Become an Expert Graphic Designer

Our  graphic design course provides you with everything you need to know to perform as a professional graphic designer. With little hardwork and dedication, you will be ready to join the cretive industry as an Art Director, UI/UX Designer or an image artist. With a clear structure and mentored tutoring, you will learn concepts of design and visual communication fast.  Our graphic design course facilitates speedy learning. We teach you how to reach your individual goals through case studies and practical exercises.

FAQs on Our Graphic Design Course

What do Graphic Designers do?

Graphic designers are needed almost in every business whether its making logo, designing newspapers, magazines, advertising, product packaging designs, signage, UX, UI, Application designs, Web designs and the list is endless..

Whats the duration of the course?

The timings of our graphic design course are flexible. If you spend 2 hours daily in an one-to-one training session, hopefully you will learn graphic design in full. We charge you for 2 months of coursework, which means 100 hours of coursework, but we go an extra mile to make sure that you complete the course in full and build an amazing portfolio. So, even if you continue with the course and wish to spend 3 months, we will accomodate the need.

Whats the scope for government job in Kashmir?

We have trained people from government press, Senpora, Kashmir for graphic designing who were already employed but the advancement of printing machines, digitization demands professionally trained certified graphic designers. So employment opportunities in the government sector as a graphic designer are waiting for those who are prepared.

Can I work from home as a graphic designer?

Work from home has proved successful in such jobs. As a graphic designer , you work on a project and have a deadline to submit the same. Drafts and revisions are part of the game and one doesn’t have to be available physically in office or face to face. Its your creativity which client needs. Thus work from home at ease  is a common scenario in graphic designing.

Can I work as a freelancer?

Yes, once you learn graphic designing. You can have your own portfolio and register in designers platform like Dribble, UpWork, Freelancer and Behance. From these platforms you will keep getting new clients based on the portfolio you have. Some of our students are earning upto a lakh per month by offering the graphic designing services on these platforms.

Few of our students who are there are:




How much is a salary of graphic designer?

 Taking graphic design course will give you an edge as a specialist. You can focus on one or two particular categories like UX/UI Designs and make your own portfolio. After that you start participating in design contests and register yourself as graphic designer. More practice and more engagement in the design contests and projects which you may always find online will polish your skill and there’s then no end to how much you earn or demand for yourself

Is graphic designing course and web designing same?

No, graphic designing  course helps you learn design theory and lets you solve the problems through design while as developer works on the functionality of design. App Designs, Web Designs etc are the common examples. Designs are created by designer and developer works on the functionality but very often web developer is called web designer but he just works on codes.

What Are Our Students Saying

After joining C & P, I have learned  that “A  single decision can change ur life”

Musaib Bhat – Ex Student Cut & Paste

“I couldn’t imagine that I became a graphic designer and doing wonders. First sign was when I started manipulating pictures in Photoshop”

Sundas Fazili – Ex Student Cut & Paste

“My family business of Kashmir arts was going down. After learning designing skills, I created my own patterns and designs , embroidered on curtains and wall hanging. Alhamdulillah today I supply those embroidered stuff to big names in Kashmir. What I am today is because of Cut & Paste which almighty Allah gifted me “

Farooq  Ahmad, Owner Kashmir Craft, Pampore

“The most incredible place. It helps youth to get professional training at home place only saving lot of money and energy.❤️”

Muzamil Sofi – Ex Student Cut & Paste


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