Learn Video Making 

Video is still considered to be the king of the content. Whether you’re a student, hobbyist, businessman – Learn how to make professional videos from scratch.


  • Demand for video based training and learning is increasing.
  • Videos are expected to drive 80% in the web creating huge demand for video makers.
  • Professional You Tube channels are in constant need of a video maker. Work for them at your convenience from your home


Video Making Modules

One to One personalised training sessions – whether you choose to learn online or at our training centre

There’s no doubt that video marketing is increasing. Look around whether its social media , outdoor advertising, campaigns etc. Video is all around. investing in this course is definitely an asset and within a short span of time you learn something priceless and start earning.

Introduction to Video Making

There are number of types of videos. Get an idea of  how video is created from start to end process 

Organizing Media files

Video is mostly a combination of footage, images and text. Learn how to organize different files.


Learn how to create your own transitions or choose from the pre built available in the package.

Audio Editing & Effects

Adjust, edit , cut and mix – Learn these techniques in this session.

Video Compositing Techniques

Learn how to make a final composition 

Design Thinking

Gain insights about how to solve problems with design

How to import a footage in Adobe Premiere Pro

Learn about basic settings based on the video requirement and how to import a footage.

Clips and Markers

 Learn how to mark videos whether they are unwanted scenes or marked for a particular effect.

Motion Clips

 Make your still graphics live in action whether its your text, image or even footage.

Color Grading

Hue, Saturation levels & adjustments add  extraordinary depth & feel to the project.

Design Foundations

Foundations that address design from both a broad and detailed perspective

Finalizing Videos

Learn how to export your final project in frames, sequence and clips 

It’s never late than never


You’ve been waiting for it and now you have a chance to learn from scratch. Let’s discuss some common questions you may have in your mind.

Basic Education to learn video making

You should know the basic use of computers. Your education, experience, personality are always an add ons to whatever you do in life

Production Course

Production course is a different name. Once you learn video making, it involves series of stages which give you insights of Production Course.

Lesson Plans

Our video making course lesson plans are 95% practical sessions.

Hands on Experience

Since we have our own creative agency, our students always get a chance to work on real time projects  as part of video courses.

Motion Graphics

You will learn some animation in video course. By the way being a graphic designer is an advantage, You can move and animate your still graphics in the video.


We are affiliated to the Dept. of Lifelong Learning, University of Kashmir and  Priceless Digital Media, USA

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There’s never a  better time than now to start learning something now

Elevate Your Passion

Spark your passion and bring out the creative element within you