The psychology of color marketing and branding has always been one among the foremost interesting and controversial topics that go back to the first years of selling and therefore the very first advertisements.

Now, color has been always wont to persuade people, give them an additional boost to undertake out the products or services or just get inside the mind of the buyer and lead them to action. The scientific proof behind this is often the very fact that colors provoke emotions. Whether it’s a private preference, a cultural difference, an upbringing aspect of a specific shade or some tone utilized in context, the consequences variations wear us are tremendous.

1. Way to make practical decisions about your marketing and branding

The bottom line is that there are not any clear-cut guidelines for selecting colors for your brand. While it might be nice to be ready to simply check out an infographic and make the proper decision, the truth is that the solution to “What tones are right for my brand?” is usually “It depends.”

It’s a frustrating answer, but it’s the reality . The context you’re working within is an important consideration. It’s the sensation , mood, and image that your brand or product creates that matters.

The good news: Research into the psychology of color can assist you make the proper choice.

2. Optimism & Warmth

If we’ve to select one color that sparks with emotion quite the other , it might need to be yellow. Also referred to as a match that triggers the optimism, confidence, self-esteem, emotional strength, friendliness and creativity in people, yellow may comparatively have long wavelength and a possible to stimulate. Psychologically, yellow is strongest and one that lifts your spirit and optimism.


However, yellow also can cause a negative impact if not utilized in the proper way. an excessive amount of of the yellow your marketing or branding can cause self-esteem to plummet, giving rise to fear, stress and anxiety.

That is why yellow is best wont to trigger the appetite in consumers. The appetite for an impulsive decision. In real world situations, we see tons of yellow warning signs, yellow tracks for buses and yellow taxis – all samples of branding made to impress attention.

3. Start with a color you wish

This might seem obvious, but sometimes people tend to overthink things when starting a design. Oftentimes, if you’re stuck on what to use, the simplest plan of action is to start with a color you wish . From there, using your knowledge of the colour wheel and colour theory, you’ll build a color scheme that matches together and is visually appealing.

4. Save your color schemes

Whenever you create or find a colour scheme that you simply like, it’s always an honest idea to save lots of it so you’ll reference it easily later. You don’t need to do that for everything you design but sometimes you’ll be ready to pull colours from different schemes afterward .

5. Maintain consistency

Branding is usually important when it involves creating marketing materials. so as to stay your brand recognizable to your audience you would like to be consistent in what colours you employ in your designs. for instance , T-Mobile’s signature colour may be a bright pink and it’s featured in most their marketing, from their advertisements to their web design. Now when a consumer sees that colour, they almost instantly associate it with their brand.

6. Colours do more than provoking emotions

It’s fair to mention that in content marketing, colours do quite just provoking emotions. they’re the foremost vital aspects of each business, its branding and marketing. the reality is, an individual can feel attached to a brand with only seeing its colors – or distracted by it within the same manner.

7. Color helps brands to face out

Colors help brands to face out and show their real value and help people understand what they’re all about. they’re what gets the audience to read, listen, discover, feel, see and do what they need to try to to afterwards. From usability to readability, color is extremely important in content marketing. In fact, a number of the award-winning and bestselling pieces use it as a ‘secret weapon’ that’s as important to their success the maximum amount because the content.

So, what have we learnt today about colors. Would love to have your feedback on this article. If you intend to learn Graphic Design/ Video making, reach us. It doesn’t matter even if you don’t have even a basic knowledge of design or video.

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