Learning Graphic Design in 2 Months is possible. There are multiple various factors which will affect how long it takes you to become a graphic designer.

The different factors are how you opt to find out, your current skill level, the time you’ll dedicate to the method and therefore the length of the work search. We’ll dive deeper into each of those factors for you now.

How you opt to find out

One great point about becoming a graphic designer is that there isn’t only one thanks to find out how to try to to it. In fact, there’s a lot of alternative ways to find out . For now, we’re getting to break down how long each of what we consider the three main ways to become graphic designer take—university/college, self teaching and training courses.

University Route

Tons of graphic designers become graphic designers through the university degree route. A university education is in fact a well-founded, traditional way of becoming a graphic designer but how long does it fancy become a graphic designer if you’re taking this route? Up to four years, counting on where you’re within the world. Graphic Design undergraduate degrees take around 4 years. In some cases like in Art Foundation course before heading down the graphic design route, this adds an additional year to the time it takes to become a graphic designer.

Self Taught

Another way to become a graphic designer is to show yourself. Over recent years, we’ve seen an increase within the number of designers who are teaching themselves all the talents and knowledge needed for a career within the design industry. and therefore the internet has only accelerated this! How long does it fancy become a graphic designer if you select to show yourself? Well, how long may be a piece of string? It’s really hard to work out how long it’ll fancy become a graphic designer if you’re teaching yourself. It’s massively hooked in to the techniques and processes you employ to show yourself and the way much time you’ll dedicate to teaching yourself. It will of course consume more time to get though the tricks and techniques to learn.

Self study is perhaps the foremost dependent option on the time you’re ready to dedicate to the method . If you spend your whole time learning and practicing then you ought to be ready to become a graphic designer. But, this feature also means you’ll devour a book or practice a program whenever you’ve got a spare minute.

Training Course

Finally, an ever increasingly popular way of becoming a graphic designer quickly is to get training course, like the innovative graphic design course we provide at Cut & Paste. Courses like ours are an excellent thanks to learn graphic design and become a graphic designer in record time. How long is that?

Well, with Cut & Paste GFX Course, it takes just two & a half months on an average, counting on which option you choose , to become a graphic designer.

When you graduate you’ll leave with a certificate declaring that you’re a graphic designer and an all important portfolio to assist you leave and obtain employment . this is often noticeably quicker than the university route and certain to be quicker than being self taught as well!

As you’ll see, how you opt to find out graphic design features a huge effect on how long it takes to become a graphic designer.

Your Current Skill Level

Another important factor which can affect how long it takes you to become a graphic designer is your current skill level.

Don’t worry though, your current skill level won’t play a neighborhood in whether or not you’ll become a graphic designer, it’ll just make a difference to how long it’ll take you.

If you’re an entire beginner then, first of all, welcome! You’ve got an exciting and interesting journey before you. As you’ve just read, there’s a couple of alternative ways to find out what you would like to understand to become a graphic designer. Starting your graphic design education afresh means you’ll need to master things just like the Design Principles and other fundamentals of the graphic design process before moving on to the nitty gritty of the programs like Adobe Creative Cloud.

Though it’s also important to state that being a beginner doesn’t necessarily mean that becoming a graphic designer will take an extended time—as we said before, courses at Cut & Paste will propel you into becoming a graphic designer or video maker in as little as two months.

On the opposite hand, if you have already got some experience then your path to design stardom might look a touch different.

If you recognize exactly what it’s you would like to tune up then it should only take a couple of months to urge back on top of your game.

In summary, your current skill level does affect how long it takes to become a graphic designer but there are different options you’ll fancy make that point shorter—it all depends on subsequent factor…Time you’ll Dedicate To the method.

Potentially the foremost important thing to think about when brooding about how long it takes to become a graphic designer is that the actual time that you simply yourself are ready to dedicate to learning, studying and practicing all of your new skills and knowledge.

Like with any creative discipline, it’s not even as simple as just learning a pen—there’s things to be learnt and hours to be put in to urge there.

As you’ve already read, the various routes to find out the way to be a graphic designer are on totally different timescales and need very different levels of input.

So, you ought to carefully consider what proportion time you’ll and need to dedicate to becoming a graphic designer.

For example, if you select to review graphic designer at university, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll spend all day, a day learning the way to become a graphic designer. it’ll be more slow paced and there’ll be time outside of the classroom where you’ll be left to your own devices. this is often an honest way of learning for a few , but not for others.

The work Search

Education isn’t the sole thing you’ll need to manage on your path to becoming a graphic designer. The final a part of that journey is trying to find and landing yourself employment .

Whether freelance, in house or during a studio, once you’re working as a graphic designer then your journey is complete (or, in other ways, just beginning).

Once you’ve found the right job for you, subsequent step is to use . Most design job applications would require you to submit your portfolio, a CV and a canopy letter. These will show the employer the amazing belongings you can create and learn more about you and why you’d be great for the work . confirm that every application is ready-made to the work you’re applying for. No copying and pasting—you’ll definitely get caught out!

If your application is successful, then there’s the interview! The interview itself will usually last roughly an hour to an hour and a half. you’ll be asked to speak through a number of the projects in your portfolio. Or, an interviewer may ask you to select a project or two from your portfolio and walk them through the method . So, be prepared to be ready to mention your work, the method of it and why you thought it had been successful. Obviously there’ll be other questions too

The application process—from applying to employment offer—can vary counting on the corporate or studio you’re aiming for. Though, the entire process is probably going to last around a month approximately if you’re successful.

Depending on your luck, the method of landing yourself a design job could come around within a month or so but it does often take a touch longer than this!

Once you are doing get that job offer, you’ll have a fruitful career with a competitive salary to seem forward to.

There you’ve got it! What we will take from this is often that the time it takes to become a graphic designer is up to you. It’s your choice how you would like to find out , what proportion time you’re ready to give to learning and the way much you would like to urge yourself employment . Though, ultimately, the time it takes to become a graphic designer are often anywhere between around six months to 5 years.

The shortest option is to check in for a training. Since 2013, Cut & Paste has been teaching people to become graphic designers in only three months with flexible timings (meaning it’s great for learning whilst you’re employed too!

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