Graphic design is a great career choice, especially for those having a flair for the creative industries. It is also a great time to pursue a career in this field as the demand for graphic designers is quite high.

Whether you have already enrolled yourself in a course or are planning to do some, here are some amazing career paths that you can go for:

5 Great Careers in Graphic Design

Without much ado, let’s get into the discussion.

User Experience (UX)/ User Interface (UI) Designer

This is a fantastic field for graphic designers. UI and UX are very important parts of the web, game and application design processes. User Interface is basically the graphical representation of what an application will look like. It deals with how every element like the text, buttons, images etc. should be placed. A UI designer’s job is to place various entities and design a layout in such a manner that is as aesthetically appealing and as attractive as possible. And at the same time, all the visual elements should have a proper structure. User experience is nothing but how easy or difficult a user finds interacting with the application to be.

3D Illustrator

3D illustration is a great career choice for graphic designers. Right from the medical field to the interior designing field, 3D illustration is required everywhere, making it a vast field. As a 3D illustrator, you will be expected to create 3D models using various tools. This is a pretty interesting field and a great chance for designers to show their best creative skills.

Multimedia Artist

Multimedia is yet another field in which graphic designers can make their careers. Multimedia artists basically bring ideas and sketches to life on a computer. As a multimedia artist/ animator, your job will be to create graphics and animation. This can be for the creation of video games, movies, advertisements or other special visual effects. Sounds pretty interesting, right? Being an extensive field, this is a great opportunity for designers to gain some experience and a lot of exposure.

Creative Director

Designers mostly tend to be creative, making them a great fit for this profession. As a creative director, you will be in charge of a complete creative project and will need to work closely with a team of other creative professionals. The project could be for advertising campaigns, brand campaigns etc. Along with good creative skills, you also need to possess good management skills and leadership skills for this job.

Graphic Designer

There is so much that you can do under this title. This covers a wide range of fields as well as tasks. You can either work as a freelancer or even take up a job at a company. As a graphic designer, you could create logos, brand identity design, illustrations, motion graphics, design wedding invitations, layouts etc. There are no limitations to this career and there are a host of things that you can do.

Over to You

I hope this article on ‘Careers in Graphic Design’ helped you. This is a great industry where you can channel your inner creative side and create the best pieces of work. The options you have here are truly limitless.

Written by Mir Saeid

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