Drawing and Designing is my passion. When I was in Class 3, I started using MS Paint, which still remains one of my favorite software. First thing I learnt was changing background.

Well! Actually my dad was in photography and printing business, he used to make some minor changes in photos and it’s because of him I learnt to change background in photos.

One of the big time desires of my father was that his son (me) should learn Photoshop professionally – Just Photoshop so that I could help him in business. He had no idea that something like “Graphic Design” exist.

I trusted but was cheated

Time passed by and I continued drawing and designing with my academics. By the year 2013, my age was 13, I joined one local institute  who claimed to teach Photoshop.

Unfortunately, soon after joining, I realized, that was not the place I was looking for. The so called teacher, who knew even a bit of design himself had a very basic knowledge of just few tools. As a result, I was so disheartened that I left; thinking that it’s just wastage of time and money.

My trust level was down back to zero and I started searching here and there about the design institutes, courses etc but to my surprise I found none of the institutes teaching proper graphic designing in Srinagar city.

I kept drawing and searching something professional

As time never stops and days go on, I also never stopped practicing designing and drawing in MS Paint – that was the only thing I had with me that time. I just wanted to design anything with the help of Paint.

Looking at my artworks done in Paint, people used to say “ WOW Razee” we cant imagine that you created such a beautiful stuff in Paint then everyone suggested me to go for some professional design course to take my passion and our business to next level.

It was the year 2018, I came to know about Cut & Paste but my trust level in 2013 was already down that I thought of researching more about this Cut & Paste Graphic Designing Centre. Watching their videos in YouTube channel, reading reviews, checking Facebook and Instagram pages, it was all interesting.

With that, my confidence started building up and I directly contacted Director of Cut & Paste via whatsApp, the response was cool and informative. I was highly impressed and this name “Cut & Paste” started rolling in my head all the time.

At the same time, I was busy in my studies as well but this easy to remember name called cut & paste created a place in mind and I was so eager to join and learn Graphic Designing.

Kashmir lock-down left me with no option but to wait

Again to my bad luck, situation in Kashmir deteriorated because of the abrogation of article 370 and there was a complete lock down for around seven months. I had no option but to wait….

Finally, in the month of February 2020. I came to Cut & Paste with my mother and I joined this unique training Centre of designing. The level, pace, feelings, knowledge and the list is endless just unimaginable for me. I even can’t explain what this Centre means for me and my whole family. I even get support other than training hours and never hesitate to call anytime to solve problem.

What else do I need if me, my parents and our clients are happy

It is not only me who is happy but my parents, especially my father and my clients too are happy. Although I just started learning graphic designing here, it’s just a start. What else do I need.

I am RazeeUllah from Srinagar; proud to be a student of Graphic Designing at Cut & Paste

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