With new businesses growing every day and the existing ones building their presence online, digitalization is at its peak. As a result, web developers are quite in demand. Especially the ones who can give complete web development solutions to their clients are always more preferred. And since almost every industry is going to be dependent on software and the internet in the coming years, a career in this field holds a promising future.

A full stack web developer is somebody who is proficient in handling front end as well as back end technologies of the website. If coding interests you and you are already good at it, becoming a full stack web developer is a great option. If you have already considered this option for yourself but want to get an insight into what your earnings might look like, you are at the right place.

In this article, we give you a complete idea of what you can expect to earn.

Himalayan Shilajit

Full Stack Web Developer Salaries: A Complete Guide

A web developer’s job isn’t just an interesting one but it is also quite rewarding in terms of money. With experience, your earnings only go up. 

We will now take a look at the detailed salaries.

Average Full Stack Web Developer Salary in India

According to a survey conducted by Indeed, the average full stack web developer salary in India is INR 6.25 lakhs per annum. And according to Glassdoor, the latest average salary in India for full stack web developers is INR 6.02 lakhs per annum (based on 323 salaries).

Entry Level Salary

Needless to say, at the entry level, your salary will be at the lower end of the payscale. The kind of company you work at and the city that you work in also make a lot of difference in determining how much you earn.

At the entry level, with less than a year’s experience, you can expect to get paid around INR 3 lakhs per annum at an average company. If you work at a startup, this number may get smaller. Similarly, if you work at a bigger company, this number will get bigger.

Mid Level Salary

As you become more experienced in the field and have an experience of at least 2 to 3 years, the average salary you can expect to get is around INR 5-7 lakhs. 

When you gather experience of a few years, companies tend to look at your skills as well as the previous companies that you’ve worked at. A lot depends on these two factors while determining your salary.

While the average stands at around 5 to 7 lakhs, you can expect to earn a lot more if you work at a well-reputed company.

High Level Salary

Higher your experience and knowledge, higher your salary. With around 5 to 9 years in the field, your salary can go up to as high as INR 9-12 lakhs a year.

Hope this article cleared your doubts on what you can earn as a full stack web developer. To always stay on the higher end of the pay scale, make sure you always keep developing your skills with full dedication.

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