Graphic Designer in the Physical World. People, Difficulties, Hardship and Time – Sounds Strange but  True. Yes!  when we look at life, we see complications and struggle and we never know where it will end up.

I am Farooq – Ex Student from Cut & Paste now a businessman. As per my opinion, if you are lucky enough to find a guide, mentor or good teacher (call it with any name – whatever! ) who is willing to share his experience and knowledge; enlightens you with a proper counseling . Chances are high that you go in the right direction but condition is that you work hard and stay god fearing otherwise we might fall into traps.

Friendship plays a vital role in your life

We get many good and bad friends in life and Unfortunately, I got some bad friends who led me towards destruction. But at one point of time when I looked and thought with myself

“Do I have to just go on in life with eating and roaming around with friends

I thought about it again and again and realized those friends only waste my time. Soon after that I instantly cut down  my ties with them once for all and started working towards my career and thought of promoting and advertising some product in the market with my graphic designing skills  which I learnt at Cut & Paste in the year 2015. I started chasing my dream of having my own handcrafted product in the market. When I told my father about this, he was so happy to help me.

If you’re a Graphic Designer, mix your skill with your ability & create a physical product out of it, Learn what I did

First of all we need a business plan, it’s about losses as well, so dare the consequences  but at the time, you should expect unimaginable

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

profits also. I started with a small amount of three lac rupees which of course was not a big amount but I was confident and knew what to do with my designing skill. Start was tough and hard but my determination was confidence was intact. I didn’t slept for nights and worked hard for days creating mock-ups of hand crafted curtains which my father alone was handling. Thanks to Cut & Paste and the Adobe family for making such mind blowing softwares.

I had no idea of what credit card is

Alhamdulillah! I am in the handicrafts and I manage around 40 artisans whom I pay and teach about designs they work on. I create designs in my computer e.g; embroidery vector art for curtains using Adobe Illustrator and these artisans work on those designs. Masha Allah my business is now at a stable and profitable level but this didn’t turned overnight, I worked for it day and night, thirsty and hungry. Before four years, I had no idea of what credit card is even I didn’t had bank account – Imagine!

Never keep in mind  that learning graphic designing makes you just graphic designer, No Its not that only. It has unlimited applications. You can link graphic designing skills with many other things in life. These ideas doesn’t come to common people.

We have ‘Naqaash’ in Kashmir – A traditional but not a Graphic Designer

See I learnt Graphic Designing but applied this skill in my business in handicrafts. We have ‘Naqaash’ in Kashmir and he’s a traditional designer who prepares design impressions and stuff but his capability is limited and works on those handmade artistic works done by my our forefathers. He can’t experiment or update his skills because he doesn’t have a professional graphic designing knowledge.

But for me, sky has no limits. I tried creating new designs and started making mock-ups from that and then I showed same to the dealers who never had seen such designs before and asked for more final products.  I didn’t made a final products, but just created mock-ups and showed to dealers and customers. They liked and started giving me orders and then only I started working on the final orders. You can’t imagine, how Cut & Paste has helped me grow my business.

Alhamdulillah, most of the leading furnishing dealers in Srinagar take my product because I show them something new and maintain quality. My life has gone through ups and downs in past and still I regret why I wasted my time with those unproductive friends.

Make your life a challenge, never be afraid of consequences.

Keep exploring new things. Just remember that your quality of skill matters as well.  I have to go long way forward and to be honest I never imagined this success few years back. Now I  realize that a small decision to learn designing at C & P was a help and a guidance from Almighty Allah which finally ended up setting my own business.

My brothers and sisters, All I can advise you is to be polite, patient and set a goal in life. This designing skill has definitely something in store for you which you never imagine of.

Farooq – (Ex Student of Cut & Paste)

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