As more businesses turn to the Internet to drive sales, the demand for digital marketing service expertise has never been higher. It’s a fast-paced, ever-changing industry with many challenges, as well as many benefits, including a potentially profitable income.

Digital marketing could be the perfect career for you if you’re searching for a creative role in tech that allows you to establish big-picture strategies, write brilliant copy, and even spend some days interacting with fans on Instagram. That’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to help you start a career in digital marketing one step at a time.

What do we mean by Digital Marketing?

Any online tactics that organizations employ to find, build, and target an audience to turn them into consumers are referred to as digital marketing. Digital marketing, like traditional marketing, aims to promote and (ideally!) sell a product or service.

However, with the emergence of smartphones, marketing no longer entails “simply putting up a billboard.” Because consumers have evolved, marketing methods have evolved as well. That’s why digital marketing focuses on reaching out to potential customers where they spend their time online, in highly targeted and relatable ways—a strategy known as “conversational” marketing.

This includes social media marketing, sponsored ads, and search engine optimization, among other things (SEO). Even learning graphic design, and video production will help.

What are the Different Job Roles and Salaries structure is available for Digital Marketers?

The digital marketing industry is bursting at the seams with chances right now, as every business and individual strives to make a digital footprint on the vast global web. As online spaces have evolved into effective branding, advertising, and marketing platforms, the demand for ninjas who can navigate this terrain has increased. Here are a few examples of digital marketing job titles, as well as their average incomes as of this writing:

Job Title Salary
Content strategist $72,742/year
Content marketing manager$81,087/year
SEO specialist$54,088/year
Social media manager $50,489
Paid ads manager$47,079/year
Digital marketing manager$73,114/year
Partnership marketer$50,528/year$81,078/year (For management positions)
Branded content manager$64,367/year
Audience development manager $77,646/year

The actual drivers of your income are the abilities you have, the mastery you have attained over them, and how swiftly you advance and help the company expand.

What Skills Do You Need to be a Digital Marketer?

  1. The Sales Funnel and The Buyer’s Journey

At the most basic level, digital marketers must understand how to “attract, engage, and delight” (as Hubspot, puts it) customers in order to move them from “I don’t know anything about this brand or product” to “I’m all in.” This approach entails employing tactics to better understand your customer as well as sales process optimization solutions (via email marketing, retargeting, etc.).

Buyer Funnel

  1. Data Analysis / Analytics

Digital marketers require data to determine the performance of their varied endeavours. They also need to be able to analyse data in order to change their strategy and start new initiatives. Most importantly, they must be able to communicate that information to other members of their team who may be unfamiliar with the goal of digital marketing.

  1. Content Strategy / Content Marketing

Content marketers and strategists specialize in using great storytelling to reach out to new audiences. Blog postings, email campaigns, guides, and ebooks, as well as other forms of media such as video and podcasts, are all used to do this. You have to learn a lot as you will be providing Content Auditing Services.

Content Strategy
  1. Social Media Marketing

It entails strategically promoting and selling a brand’s items through social media networks. Product promotion, channel-specific giveaways, and paid advertising (Ex- Posts in Facebook and Instagram stories).

Social Media Campaign

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Brands rely on search engine traffic, such as Google, to raise brand awareness and generate new leads. SEO is the process of polishing a company’s content to make it as appealing to Google as possible. For the most part, the better the content, the better the search result—but there are a lot of complexities, which is why “SEO professional” is a full-time job. It is an important thing if you wish to offer Organic Marketing Services.

  1. Paid Advertising

It’s another name for purchasing media spots across a variety of platforms to market your items. This includes both social media ads (such as sponsored posts on your Instagram feed) and display ads (such as banner ads on websites).

Google Ads

Important Marketing Tools For Digital Marketer

  1. Analytics Tools

Hubspot is used by some firms, while Google Analytics is used by others, and there are a plethora of other lesser-known programs for measuring website traffic. If you’re new to digital marketing, understanding your way around Google Analytics is a good place to start.

Google Anlaytics

  1. Email Marketing Tools

Multiple tools, such as Mailchimp, Converkit, and Constant Contact, provide similar functionality. If you work in digital marketing, you’re likely to use at least one of these platforms, so learn everything there is to know about them.

Email Marketing Tool

  1. Social Media Management Tools

Companies employ a variety of social media scheduling tools. MeetEdgar, Hootsuite, Later, and Buffer are just a few examples. Most companies provide free trials, so you can test them out by creating some dummy advertisements.

Social Media tools

  1. Search Engine Optimization Research Tools

Many websites suggest utilising Google Keyword Planner for SEO research, and it’s a useful tool to learn about. Moz, ahrefs, and SEMRush, to mention a few, are SEO behemoths. All of these platforms are expensive, but if you’re interested in seeing what they have to offer, they all offer free trials.

SEO Tools
  1. URL Builders Tools

If you want to work in digital marketing, you’ll almost certainly need to know how to create trackable URLs so you can track your campaigns. Here’s a free tool to help you with that.

URL Tools

How Digital Marketer Can Create a Portfolio in Digital Marketing?

  1. Plan Some Mock Projects

Completing fake projects is one of the finest methods to gain experience as a digital marketer when you’re just starting out. Often, the ideal marketing project to work on first is your own brand, such as intentionally growing a following on your personal social media accounts or optimising your own site for search and presenting your SEO results.

  1. Propose To Assist Friends Or Acquaintances

Almost everyone requires assistance with their digital marketing, so consider who can profit from your new abilities. While working for no pay isn’t ideal, it is an excellent method to gain experience while learning.

  1. Focus On Results When Adding Projects To Your Portfolio Site

It’s your outcomes that matter the most as a marketer. Keep in mind how much growth you influenced and any other figures or numbers that show your effort had a positive impact when you write up both the mock projects and the “family and friends” projects for your portfolio site.

  1. Request For Testimonials 

Working as a digital marketer necessitates the ability to communicate effectively with teams and clients. Always ask anyone you deal with (especially those you help for free) if they would be prepared to provide you with a testimonial for your portfolio.

How To Find Digital Marketer Jobs?

  1. Search Job Boards For Digital Marketing

Although most job boards have openings for digital marketers, there are a few that are particularly for them. AngelList, Krop, The Muse, FlexJobs, Tech Ladies, Dreamers / Doers: Jobs & Gigs are the greatest job titles for entry-level digital marketers. is also a good alternative if you’re seeking for remote digital marketing employment.

Job Board

  1.  Prepare an Elevator Pitch

How do you persuade others that you can sell their things if you can’t sell yourself? Prepare and practise your personal pitch before going into a job interview.

Elevator Pitch

  1. Remember To Send Your Portfolio Every Time

When applying, include a portfolio of your work in addition to your cover letter and résumé. Because digital marketing is all about “show, don’t tell,” you should do the same with your job applications. As a result, for each tech job title, create some gorgeous portfolio site examples.


  1. Exercise Common Skills Interview Questions 
  • What are your favorite social media brands to follow, and why?
  • How can you stay on top of marketing trends?
  • How would you characterize our target audience?
  • What could we do differently?
  • Our website is currently undergoing renovation. What should we do first?
  • What do you think our best growth opportunities are?


Digital marketing is an excellent career to pursue in 2022 if you’re seeking for a career that will provide you with variety, excitement, and learning chances. You’ll be joining a diversified industry that can lead you down a variety of pathways, working in practically every industry and providing you with limitless prospects for advancement.

It can be overwhelming  to begin, but with persistent effort, a humble willingness to learn, and a lot of curiosity, you can establish a great digital marketing career.

I recommend you to start a Graphic Design Course before you think about anything else on the Web Marketing Industry. Its the base skill you’ll need everywhere.