If you’re thinking about switching careers to become a graphic designer, then let me tell you – there has never been a better time. World is yours  if you know how to communicate ideas that inspire, inform or engage people.

World is yours if you know how to communicate ideas

It’s not about switching careers or just becoming a graphic designer, it’s about a better time you have now and turning things to your side if you feel you can be creative. The world is yours if you know how to communicate ideas verbally and visually which inspire and engage people and turn them your side. If you get this, you’re in demand too like many other people in the world no matter wherever they are.

Let’s talk about graphic designing opportunities in Kashmir

Creative industry is booming after pandemic and the future is only looking brighter. Let’s not go far and talk about Kashmir only. Most of our business is shut since long due to COVID and Political reasons. Now it’s not just days or months but from the last few years, we have really gone down the line in terms of economy.

We are now bound to go digital whether it’s our Kashmiri Carpets, Handicrafts, Saffron or Pashmina. We don’t have tourists to visit our showrooms and the stock is piling. Sales are really down. What to do? Thanks to graphic design world – A Game Changer. Now everyone wants to go online and here’s one such example – KASHMIRICA

After Covid-19, demand for graphic design courses skyrocketed, thinking that a career as a graphic designer could be the best decision you ever made.

Robots and machines can never replace creativity with human led intelligence

While everything is going robotic or machine made in the world, more and more people go on losing jobs taking the livelihood of billions at stake. But if you learn something which is not machine made or robotic or in simpler terms if you learn skills that a robot or machine could never do, you will be securing your career for many decades to come.

Graphic Design is a creative skill and requires human led intelligence, psychology, ideas, taste, mood, trend, personality, the way you think and lots more which a machine or robot can never do. Certainly, technology keeps on updating our knowledge and maintaining our lives easier as designers but it can never replace us.

Brand Impact in business matters more now

Crowds are tough and you have to win the hearts & minds of consumers when it comes to brand impact. Traditional business no more matters for a customer while as brand and design matters a lot. So, If you are an owner, you should always look for a sensible designer with good reviews and portfolio and if you’re a designer, it’s your duty to respect the brand and win the heart and mind of people with your creativity.

Technology made it easier to design 

It’s easier than ever to put your ideas and creativity into a design. Thanks to Adobe who makes mind blowing softwares like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, After Effects, Audition and many more and the good thing to know is that we at Cut & Paste teach only Adobe Applications.

Global Demand

No matter wherever you are. If you are a Graphic Designer, you are needed everywhere in any part of the world. You live in a time where the whole world could see your work while sitting at your own home through an online portal. You can share and let people see your work and sell your designs at your home comfort of anywhere you wish to. World eyes will be on your creativity.

You will survive career twists and turns

There was a time when people used to get a job for life . Today, the scenario is different, you can move around and stay anywhere in the world while working as a Graphic Designer.  You can enjoy life with your family and go around, work with big brands while enjoying and roaming around.

Finally, again I would like to remind you that Robots and machines can never replace human intelligence and as a graphic designer your creativity could solve problems of the world. 

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