If you live in Kashmir, you are well known to job opportunities whether its government or a private sector. As a student, you invest a lot in studies other than money and time. At the end not everyone is lucky to find a good job. Either its very hard or its lack of skills which devalue young job seekers. This gives a chance to hire such job seekers at a very low salary and young job seeker is left with no other option.

Dreams do come true


There are lot of people who dream of a prosperous future but in reality only few work hard for it and chase their dreams. Dreaming is not bad, In fact dreaming helps you set a goal and to achieve that you need to work step by step. A dream job wont land in your lap at its own. You have to put your necessary efforts to make things fall on the right place. You need to work and start earning at some point of time and gain knowledge of the field you want to enter then only “Dreams come True – Only If You Work at them”

Scarcity of jobs is a truth

Unemployment rate is increasing day by day and since we are talking about Kashmir in particular where whole economy is majorly dependent on tourism, horticulture and government employment. All other sectors in a way are dependent on above mentioned primary sectors. In recent years there has been a big blow to our economy and there is no space for new job. Number of jobless youth is in lacs and with each passing day its increasing. Graduation and Masters is not at all helping youth to get a job.

Avoid future shock

For how long should Kashmiri youth wait for Government authorities to keep jobless youth into consideration and make a plan to arrange their survival. There’s no doubt that Kashmiri youth suffers many more times more than others. No job in Kashmir is directly proportional to later marriage and late marriages have its own consequences. Not to go so far.

Digital Business Opportunities

With online boom, digital business ideas can take your side. With low investments and good returns but How? You may have heard that people make lots of money online nd yes I do agree that online business has its own appeal. Well, its not about using Facebook an Instagram. Earning online has its own set of challenges and the truth is nothing comes easy.

The reality is that Internet just connects you or your business with people and you have to think yourself that what for people should pay you .

Design jobs boom after pandemic

People are struggling hard after COVD 19. Job cuts and losses are still on rise. Here I have a reason to talk of design jobs. This is is the only profession where the need of visual designers is increasing more . Every small or big business has felt a need to have online presence whether its Youtube, Social Media, Zoom, Skype or whatever. Digital competition has only been more difficult because its not only a technical challenge but visual appearance also matters and for that you need people who have professional visual design knowledge like UI/UX which are high in demand.

Without creative workers, there’s no marketing

Marketing means nothing without creativity. Creativity helps you stand out from the rest in form of logo, billboards, web design, advertising , brand impact etc. Creativity puts an impact and grabs customers attention to make sure they remember your brand for long. Emotions are very powerful tool to tempt people and make them purchase your product or services. To create those emotions, you always need a professional visual designer.

Be pro active

Hope, you understand the importance of being creative in the world today. Dreaming is not bad but chase your dream and have a goal. Remember there are no jobs waiting for you unless you have a potential to generate. Be amongst those who have are productive and don’t just wait for the job to land in your lap.

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