Life is unpredictable – that’s ok. Do you really get what you want? Are we confused about future and career goals. Simple answer is Yes! Reasons are many. In fact, may be countless but not to discuss those, we rather need to realize our own potential than expecting from others. 

Explore yourself, find out the creative element in you.

Find out what’s inside you, let it grow. If you wait, then with the passage of time, your efficiency, passion and the creative element inside you will die with time.  We mostly talk about graphic designing and video making here but let me talk about something else today.

We plan, execute & worry

Life is unpredictable and we never know what’s gonna happen next minute, not to talk about an hour. As human beings, we are supposed to plan, think, schedule  and adjust our lives and plan in the best possible way as much we can . Although we never know if our actions turn out as planned. 

Our scope of thinking shrinks 

But this doesn’t mean that we stop planning  and keep worrying about the things which wont work as per plan. If we stress ourselves that why didn’t it work then those worries will narrow down our scope of planning and thinking positively. You may have noticed that some people keep thinking about the things which wont work and lay awake on bed wondering what will happen next?? Thus inviting stress, depression and pessimism.

We can’t control the results

Since we have no control of what life will give us today and tomorrow although if we plan well. It may be good, better, best or worse – we never know but what is in our control is our worry which we invite at the first place without waiting for the results.

Choice is yours

Imagine we watch the same movie many times and we recall everything happening in the movie and save the whole story in our brain. After watching it many times, we get sick of it and feel bored because it makes no sense to watch the same movie again and again. Same goes with our lives too, had there been a power to know our future, our lives would have lost the flavour, excitement and joy of living. 

So, uncertainty is part of our lives and instead of eliminating this factor, we must accept it then only we widen our approach and explore the possibility of infinite choices.

Therefore, the choice is in our hands. Remember, fear is that dark room where negatives are developed. Keep yourself busy with something , never sit idle as it has toxic effects to your brain. Successful people are productive and always engaged in doing something. When you sit idle, you think and over thinking which takes a control of you and leaves you over stressed. Learn how to balance matters of life, whether it’s career, family or personal – maintaining balance and accepting each other with faults is one of the qualities of a human being.

Your time is in your hands

Time is yours – use it. If nothing, go for a walk, learn some skills, watch and read some inspirational stuff. Let it be a Glorious book provided you make sure that you understand what you read. Get into a knowledge.

Let me know if you like this piece of writing, I would love to reply and interact, write more and share my experience and life skills too. If you seek a career in Graphic Designing or video making, You can personally whatsapp me at +91 9797228450 for a free counselling session. Life is unpredictable but that’s ok