Logo design jobs are booming after COVID-19. Time has forced almost every business to present digitally. Before we further go into the details, let’s understand the basics of logo.

Logo Design

How to make an interesting logo

Every organization needs a symbol to recognize themselves visually. Used from letterhead to websites and everywhere to recognize them is called a logo. Also called logotype – a graphical representation of a company, trademark, abbreviation or as simple as simple text. In short there are many types of marks, symbols, emblems, shapes or illustrations which can serve a purpose of a logo.

There was a time when only big brands of companies could afford a logo. In some cases, it involved a detailed drawing with many objects combined. During that time, more was considered better and cost was not an issue. Flags and road signs that time were used due to their large formats and visibility from a distance to convey information visually. So more stylish was considered more attractive to convey information.

Now world has changed, simpler is better but remember “Simplicity is a puzzle of complexity”. The reason behind being simple is that world is moving too fast and people don’t have enough time to look at things. So you have less time to impress your customers.

Logo Design

Designing logo nowadays is more challenging because it has to be simpler yet eye catching and impressive to catch the brain to memorize your brand. Not an easy job really!

Now let’s talk about some of the most successful logos like Nike, Coca Cola, SONY, IBM etc

Let’s take an example of Nike – Good logos feature something simple, unique and unexpected, without having extra elements or over drawn. Read about the history of Nike logo, you will find it interesting.

Graphic Designer Logo

Experience matters the most. An experienced graphic designer knows the pros and cons of a good professional logo. Timeframe, cost and testimonials are other things to consider.

He/ She knows how to create the most attractive and impressive logo. Designers experience is a trust and his skills sets you apart from the competition. Check out some of the logos from Cut & Paste here:

An analog wave blended in microsoft colors offering services like Microsoft D365 solutions.

What should be the cost of logo?

It’s the most frequently asked question and depends on the customer needs. At the same time depends on the knowledge of logo your customer has. Best you can do is to prepare a customized quote for each client. When you sell services, what matters the most is you time and creativity. If the company is big, of course you need to invest more time in research

Hope you get an understanding of what having logo means and what designing a logo by a professional graphic designer can give you in terms of representing a brand or a company by mark, symbol, illustration or a simple text.

As a trainer, I personally advice exploring your hidden skills and explore them. Especially if you like design and have some patience to draw and think, learn Graphic Designing. This art can change your life and fill with unlimited bundled offers. When you offer solutions to business through design – those solutions in turn help brand owner grow his business ths investing more in promotional stuff and remember design is a part of every promotional activity whether its in web, print, video or whatever form.

Give your designing skill a chance to grow and do it as early as possible because world has turned digital and marketing needs demand skilled people and you and be one of them.

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