The creative industry is more competitive than ever. And yet, it is also an industry that is constantly evolving and innovating. You need to brace yourself and need to stand out if you wish to have a successful career in this field. You have completed your graduation with flying colors in design. But, now what? What next? How to have a rewarding career in design?

If all of these thoughts are nagging at the back of your mind too, like almost every fresh design graduate, here is a great guide to help you out.

5 tips to make a great career in design:

  • Be Versatile:

You need to be versatile; especially when you are just starting out. This has a lot of advantages. Even though you might have a specialization, familiarize yourself with the other areas of design too. The design industry is vast and your willingness and comfort to work across a multitude are what will set you apart from the others. Broaden your horizon and try to learn as many new things as you can. This can also be very helpful in the future as you can easily shift from one form of design to another if you don’t find it rewarding enough.

  • Get an internship:

Getting an internship while you are still studying or right after you graduate is a great idea. An internship will teach you as nothing else can. You can get real industry experience and a close idea of how things work. And needless to say, it will also make a great addition to your resume and portfolio.

  • Build your Portfolio:

Your portfolio will speak for you in terms of your work. This is an important part for every kind of designer. Start building your portfolio early on. There are so many websites and tools that can be used for this. Use them to your advantage.

  • Understand your consumer’s/ client’s psychology:

When you work as a designer, you are ultimately creating something for the consumer and also for a client. When you are creating a design for a product, understand your consumer’s psychology. Think like a designer and try to understand how you can make the most appealing design that will reach your consumers the way it should. At the same time, you are also working for a client. Try to understand your client’s psychology too. Try to come up with a design that integrates both; the client’s thinking as well as the consumers. Even though this might sound a bit complicated at first, following this practice will help you in the long run of your career.

  • Keep upgrading yourself:

A field that is constantly innovating itself also requires the people working in it to innovate themselves. Try to stay abreast of the latest trends and keep upgrading yourself every now and then. Acquaint yourself with the latest technologies. This will help you in staying ahead of the game.

Over to You

Here were some tips to help out aspiring designers make a great career in design. But remember, along with some great advice, your hard work and dedication are what will keep you thriving in any field you choose to work in.

Author: Mir Saeid

The author is a Full-Stack Marketer with a British Master’s degree in International Business. He has been in the Online Marketing industry and was a part of the team that launched Cut & Paste, a unique creative agency and a design institute. Currently, he is working on an eStore, Kashmirica. A platform from where he desires to take Kashmir Art Global. From selling organic saffron online to hoarding the finest pashmina shawls, you can buy anything Kashmiri that you desire.