You’ve filmed a movie or shot a video, and now it’s time for the opposite half the battle:

The post-processing stage. like filming, this step requires an honest mixture of both creativity and technical knowledge. And during this article, we aim to assist make the video editing process much easier and more productive by providing helpful tips, techniques, and “life hacks” for you below.

Well, put your fears on pause and push record on your dreams, because we’re getting to offer you a close-up check out the simplest video production tutorials which will teach you the fundamentals to make an awesome video.


Don’t set sail without a map, and don’t make a video without an idea . Traditional productions start with a Pre-Production (or Pre-Pro) Book, an enormous three-ring binder with sections for personnel, script, storyboards, actors, locations, art reference, calendar, crew, and post-production.


A script is that the transcription that details the dialogue, action, and locations during a video. Scripts don’t necessarily mean dialogue (for example, many cooking videos simply depict live action with music), but they are doing describe what happens intimately . an excellent script paints an emotional picture for your viewers first, and hits ‘em with the knowledge you would like them to understand .


Video may be a visual medium, so having a script isn’t enough. Ideally, every shot in your video should be depicted by a storyboard, a drawing inside a box representing the camera frame. consider it sort of a magazine version of your video. It’s useful when describing your idea to members of the team altogether stages of production, and you’ll check them off as you shoot them.


Everyone knows practice makes perfect. Rehearsals confirm your production seems perfectly.

Do you need rehearsals? If you’ve got actors, probably. Rehearsing saves valuable time and energy on the day of shooting when actors know what’s expected from their performances, the way to pit of other actors, and where to face for the cameras. Rehearsals also give the camera and sound crew the prospect to arrange their choreography with the actors and every other.


Every live-action video is shot at a location. which will be a studio, or more likely a public or private setting.

If you’ll afford a studio, that’ll save many logistical headaches. For public and personal locations, consider hiring or appointing a Location Manager who can affect permits, logistics, and angry neighbors.

You’ll also need power for your equipment. Word to the wise: be friendly to everyone. Frustrated locals can easily sabotage a production by playing loud music while you’re shooting. Be able to bribe them (food or swag work great!)

Get the Project Files

When following along side a tutorial, many new video editors like better to use an equivalent project files because the instructors within the tutorial. this may assist you learn the steps correctly, because your work will look precisely the same because the sample from the demo. Many tutorials allow you to download their project files for this exact reason. Once you’ve got more experience with a way , you’ll repeat the method together with your own video files.


General tips

Every video shoot is different. So it really depends on the project – It can be as easy at jump cuts and rendering but that’s not the case always.

Use a quick Computer

No, we’re not close to pit PCs against MACs during this section. you’ll choose whatever computer brand or model you would like. As long as it’s fast enough for you to store huge files and allows you to focus more on your editing work without having to stress about slow rendering.

Export Web Versions

Once your video is completed and prepared to be exported, the natural tendency of most editors is to export it at the most important video resolution possible. This is often definitely the thanks to go if it’s getting to be played in cinemas and ultra HD screens, but in today’s generation where video projects are usually marketed online and on social media, you ought to also export smaller, high-quality versions for easier playback.

Video is still considered to be the king of the content. Whether you’re a student, hobbyist, businessman – Learn how to make professional videos from scratch. If you intend to learn video production either Online or Offline Live One to One sessions, you may contact us.

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