Graphic design can briefly be defined as a form of visual communication consisting of Illustration, Typography, Photography. Graphic design is a combination of text, image, or shape to convey the message or idea to the viewer. With graphic designing we have too things, i.e., graphic and design.


Graphic is visual which is associated with art, imagination and expression, involving many mediums such as drawing painting engraving or lettering given clear and explicit detail. So, the graphic design is made of visual elements, the building blocks of design. The basic visual element that combine to form a graphic design include the following: line, colour, shape, texture, space, form and typography.


Now the second part is design, to decide the look and function of something before it is made. So, design is thinking, problem solving and practicality theory.

There are rules which can be considered. These rules are called ‘Principles of Design’. These principles have relationship between each other and appear in every well-designed piece of work you see. So the design principles make the design in graphic design. A good grasp of design theory will mean there is always substance behind your work. The key principles of design are:
Contrast, Hierarchy, Alignment, Balance, Proximity, Repetition, Simplicity and Function.

When we bring both visual elements and design principles together, we have graphic design. It’s not about making things look pretty, graphic design is the organization and presentation of information developed through a creative process for a particular function.

In graphic design we must first understand information, a message, or a brief and then research, think, imagine and develop and create a solution, a concept in order to communicate that information, tell a story a message or idea in a visual way.

Graphic Design is used almost in every field.

In this modern era, graphic design has become a most essential part of our lives.
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It’s Existence

Graphic Design came into existence in the 1900’s, having emerged in the 1900’s, right now it has become one of the most important fields, without which we cannot even think to survive in such a fast and competitive time.
When we hear of Graphic Designing, we think of creating designs to market a product. But wait, graphic designing is a very vast field. It isn’t just marketing a product, it is almost everywhere.

From marketing to logo making to invitation card making to almost everything you can think of. It is one of the appealing fields which one can ever think of. Even design lies in nature. Everything we touch or see is embedded with designs. To become a graphic designer, one must have creative thinking and passion for this field.

Content is written by a Junaid Ul Wahid Bhat – Junaid is passionate about learning Graphic design and is associated with Cut & Paste. He wishes to become more of what he is at present through creative skills. We wish him all the best !